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One unexpected call. One seductive human. And one delusional alien.

His ship is falling apart, literally, but Daeceon doesn’t care. He’s a black market merchant and has a job to do. Nothing will stand in the way of claiming his hard earned credits.

Not the blaring alarms. Not the sparks flying across the dashboard. And most certainly not the annoying calls from his Dam and her continuous attempts to pair him up with a potential mate.

Distracted by a strange signal he intercepts, Daeceon finds himself enraptured in a conversation with a female clear across the universe, whispering sexy, enticing commands. It isn’t long before he’s firing up his busted ship and aiming straight for the little uncharted planet to find this intriguing human and slake his lust for her, skin to skin.

Olivia thought she was just taking another call. Boy, was she ever wrong.

When her newest client begins calling her every day, several times a day, she’s reluctantly intrigued. Work has never been so busy, but she’s not complaining. With a pile of debt lurking in the back of her mind, she gladly entertains her enthusiastic client, even if he is a...little odd.

That is until he busts down her front door and demands she go with him. 

When Olivia refuses, he steals her anyway.

Can an alien find love with a human? Well…why don’t you call 1-800-BustyChicks and find out for yourself?

Filled with hilarious feel good moments, over-the-top ridiculousness, and a whole lot of romantic chemistry, Stealing Olivia is the first novel in a brand new laugh-out-loud series from Erin Ragean, author of Pythen and Defy the Ravaged, and Harpie Alexa, author of The Alien Pirates’ Treasure and Daegry’s Fated.

Warning: This story contains an exceptionally eager alien, a sassy human female, so much foul language it’s likely to make you blush, and enough steam to fog up your kindle.

May 25 2021
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