I fell in love with an alien. Our world was invaded by carnivorous freaks and the Dahk swooped in and saved me and my friends. They want to save the Earth but we are our own worst enemy, or so I thought. The truth is we have no idea what's out there. Now I'm on my way to Home World. The Dahk's world. An alien world. I had no choice, it was taken from me. I tell myself I hate him but I don't. I miss him. But we have bigger problems to face. Problems I'll realize are massively more impactful than just myself and my own little space in the universe. There's no room for my hurt feelings, even though Tahk's not done hurting me. 


My mate won't speak to me. I do not blame her for her ire. But I had no choice. I have brought her to my home and I have realized how unprepared she is for my planet and my culture. I could not predict the trials we would face. I have failed her in this. But I will not let her go. She is mine, and nothing and no one will come between us. 

The Conclusion to Peyton and Tahk's Romance lies ahead.


    6X9 Matte Cover 280 Pages


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